Welcome to the world of sdragon. sdragon used to be the account of Ian Pritchard, who is now attending Oberlin College. His web page is here. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

sdragon is now the home of David Pritchard and NewMix Music. Here is some information about this new and growing enterprise:

NEW MIX MUSIC a new label mixing varied styles of contemporary music with historical. emphasizing original music, fresh perspectives, and a new acoustic sound.
New Mix Music
P.O. Box 93748
Pasadena, CA 91109-3748

Or, visit the old Molecular Music site for information about David Pritchard's older release, Air Patterns

Disclaimer:The presence of Fidel Castro on this web page is strictly because of Ian Pritchard and has nothing to do with the politics or convictions of NewMix Music or the artists that it represents.